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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Dead Sea

Today it was a balmy 42*F here in MN. I hit Shakopee just after noon. I was fishing the same general area as the last time. I was catching small sunnies one after another with no signs of Crappies anywhere, not that I moved around much. By about 2:30 I was itching to try something different. I decided to try Mille Lacs out of the Casino public access and see if I could get to Indian Point. I got most of the way out there in the tracks of other vehicles when I sorta got stuck in this one spot. I decided I better turn around there and spent 45 minutes getting stuck and unstuck while turning around.

Life would have been much easier with a partner today. My Ford Ranger Pick up is lite and 2wd so it gets stuck easily. Freeing it isn't that difficult especially if you have someone to push which makes the truck much better in those tricky spots, plus additional weight means better traction so you are less likely to bog down in the first place. Anyway I did get the truck turned around.

I thought I was in a good spot but as it turned out I was a significant distance to the North of Indian Point. In case you didn't know underwater the Point runs from the the West to the SE thus the point was running away from me. To be on the spot I wanted to try I was a good 400yards from the truck. I stuck it out and struck out only having one sniffer and that was it. I think I should have stayed right next to the truck and fished there. I was only out until 6:30 and then had to pack it up to get to a Bible Study in Garrison.

Tommorrow is supposed to be nice again and I think I will try Mille Lacs again.

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