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Friday, January 27, 2006

Silver Dollars

Today I started with an early morning excursion to Sullivan in search of Tulibee's. What a slush and water pit after last nights rain. Usually the Tulibee thing starts sometime in mid to late February but I decided to try my luck anyway. I nabbed one nice crappie, a small eye, a couple of little perch. I did miss one good fish about half way up, but don't know if it was a Tulibee and that was it from about 7-10Am. I came back and took a nap.

I got back out around 3:30 and headed out on Platte to the North of the Big Island. It was a wet ride over with water splashing up to the point that I needed the wipers on. I immediately ran into a school of little sunnies and had fun catching them while watching on the camera. I saw a lots of sunnies and perch, a crappie, pike, and bullhead all swim by but no bass. Talked to a guy who was getting pike, little crappies, 1 bass, who said someone caught a 4lb bass the day before. As it got towards dark I started fishing that guys holes and got into a bunch of small Crappies. Mucho 3 to 5 inch Silver dollars. After dark I did catch them up to 8 inches but no slabs.

I know there are big pannies in Platte, but finding them seems to be a needle in a hay stack proposition.

Tomorrow I will be at the Aitkin Jaycees
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Trying to jig up an eye, Sumo Perch, or Tulibee. I could really use a 4 wheeler.


Anonymous said...

Hey Putz,

Just thougth that its been a while so thought I would check in and say "Hi"

Pastor Cheesehead

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave how was it a Barnacles? I have my perm there its the one farthest to the east. Killed the perch last week. Did you get the pics of that smallie?

Mike J