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Monday, March 20, 2017

Today's Conditions And A Skunk

2:30PM GOMH South Side
5:30PM GOMH South Side
2:30-3:30PM GOMH & Sullivan Inlet
5:30-5:45PM GOMH NE
Conditions: 54-52℉, Mostly Sunny, Calm then Gusty Wind

Dad had to run up to Fleet Farm today to get stuff for the Expedition, so we were unable to get the Trophy out today.  After a Dr. appointment I headed to the GOMH.  It was really nice almost no wind.  The open water area expanded nicely with the two warm days in a row we had.  Out of nowhere it got gusty from the West while I was fishing on the NE side.  No dogfish to report.  I did successfully fish with a Fuego reel that I fixed with some super glue to reattach an inductor that had come loose.👍👍  I've got at least two more of those reels with the same issue.  I fished for a bit on the SW side as well. Nothing.

     I then drove to the Platte River Culvert.  Water is pretty low.  Then I went to the Inlet.  Was surprised the South side of the culvert there was iced up, but with dark ice.  Nothing there either.

I had to pick something up in Onamia.  Lake Onamia had more open water than the GOMH at the outlet.  The gas station formerly known as Meleen's has reopened with a Taco John's in it where the tackle used to be.  I don't think I've ever eaten at Taco John's.  I'll have to give it a try sometime.  There were a couple of people fishing out on Mille Lacs.  One just north of Rocky Reef and a couple of people up by the Rum River Outlet. There wasn't a whole lot of open water there or at the Whitefish Inlet.  I circled back to the GOMH.  It was kind of breezy out of the SW.  I fish the NE side for 15 minutes then left.

It's not supposed to get above freezing tomorrow, then it warms up a bit and turns wet and windy.  I am rooting for rain at this point as we could use a good 10" in the lakes.  I believe lakes to the South and West of us will begin opening up again after that cold front stopped things dead in it's tracks.  It's supposed to be warmer down in the cities.  I suspect Tonka will be declared open in the next day or two.

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