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Thursday, March 30, 2017

1st Bullhead of the Year

18" Cubby w/Minnow
7:00-8:30PM GOMH SW
Conditions: 50-46℉, Partly Cloudy, Windy out of the NW

Long Lake Ice Gone
Bulldog Lake 50% Open.  Ice out probably tomorrow.
Rock Lake
Rock Lake
Rock Lake 60% Open.  Ice Out Tomorrow!

Platte was a surprise with the Eastern side of the lake ice free.
The view from Jenny's Access. (That is West Point on the left.)
Platte Access
I thought maybe I would be able to call Platte Lake Open when I got done fishing, but the access was still iced in.  Tomorrow is the day.
Oops, didn't get it focused right.
The line broke a the pike was flopping up on shore.  It almost got away; I had to go down on my knee to grab it.  First bullhead of the year is a toothy.  It bit in shallow water, so I wasn't entirely sure if it was a fish or maybe I had gotten caught on a weed.  I set the hook and it felt like a small fish and I thought maybe it might be a silver bullhead, nope toothy.  That was the only bite I had tonight.
Red Wing Blackbird
There was a noisy male Mallard duck tonight over on the SE side.

1 Toothy Bullhead

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