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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

It Was An Ice Off Massacre Out There! Updated: GOMH

The high winds we have had since yesterday has doomed the ice in the lower 1/3rd of the state.  Man was it blowing last night.  Cold has now returned to the state and it looks like we will have below normal temps for the next week.

Check the ice out progress in MN here. or on Facebook

Updated:  Here is what the Grumpy Old Man Hole looked like tonight.
Open water around the SW point into the PRO a little way

Open to the start of the intersection on the East side

Some swans

The whole GOMH is open to the point on the N side

Geese and swans on the S side
Somebody created wing dam's on the SW side 
The water level was up several inches from the last time I was at the GOMH.  I didn't fish because it was about -5 in the wind.  Didn't even bring the rods.  Because of the hellacious winds, we have had the past couple of days non-stop is why there is so much open water.  Last year there was less open water at this point, but we were going into a prolonged period of above normal temps.  This year we are going into below normal temps for about a week, starting today.

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