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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

GOMH 1/3 to 1/2 Covered In Skim Ice

...From what it was on Saturday.
GOMH South Side

It won't take long to be open again

Swan Srum

NE Side where the swans were on Sat.
The cold weather and snow did finally manage to create some ice since Saturday.  Tomorrow we get above freezing and then back to normal 40℉-ish temps.  Will see if it gets to 50's for a couple of days or not.

Basically things are now situated very similar to last year except we are coming off a stretch well below normal temps instead of above normal that we had last year.  I suspect that all the below normal temps we had this year are going to put ice out a bit behind where we were last year. Last year ice was off Rock on March 22nd and Platte on the 23rd.  I hope to have the Trophy out of storage before April 1st;  I believe the ice will be off all the area lakes by then maybe even with docks in the water.

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