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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Open Water At the South Tip of the Small Island

It was cooler than forecast yet again today.  The sun did come out for several hours in the afternoon, but the wind was out of the North again.  It only made it to 44℉.  I slept in today, so I didn't catch much of the Classic fishing today.  I left to go check things out after I watched KVD weigh his fish.  First I stopped at Bulldog.
Then I checked out Rock Lake where the tree had been removed from the road.
Last stop was the GOMH.  I don't think Sullivan Platte River Outlet was completely ice free, but will be tomorrow.  At this point I'm predicting ice is off the area lakes by next Saturday April 1st, no foolin'
If we don't get much sun, then maybe it will be after April 1st.

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