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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Progress? Not Much!

If anything it was colder than forecast today.  I don't know if it got above freezing or not.  With the sun and a bit of wind I thought there might have been some progress in the ice out department, but there wasn't much.  As I was leaving the driveway to check things out 5 good sized deer crossed the road, just to the North of our property.  As I headed West on the GOMH road a huge eagle flew in front of the car about 15' up and about 30 yards out, pretty cool.  No body was fishing on Platte tonight.  I also drove to Bulldog and took a picture of two C-130 airplanes in the distance.
Just above the trees center of the picture
Wish I could have gotten the picture about 10 seconds sooner when I first saw the planes.  It was a really cool sight.

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