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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mystery Tackle Box NOT Disappointed, Finally!

LiveTarget HFC Crawfish Crank:  Should be a real winner at the Grumpy Old Man Hole provided a pike doesn't steal it.

River2Sea Double Plopper:  I am aware the reviews on this bait have pretty uniformly registered disappointment.  I still wanted one anyway, but sure as heck wasn't going to pay to buy one for myself.  Now I have one for myself.  MTB came through with a topwater bait for me.

Z-Man Project Z-Shroomz Micro Finesse Jig and Crusteaz: This mini jig-n-pig combo is sure to be a fish catcher until a pike steals the two jigs from me.

Netbait Mad Paca: Brush Hog style creature baits are something I have never fished.  I guess you have to buy them to fish them and I never bought any.  If they live up to the hype, I'm pretty sure I'm  going through this bag fairly quickly; not because Netbait are a fragile plastic, but because this style of bait catches 'em so well.  If these prove to be a winner, and I have no reason to believe they won't be, I may add this creature bait to my bag of tricks.

Jenko Fishing Premium Spinnerbait: A very nice looking white spinnerbait made with quality components.  Absolutely will catch me some fish.

I am giving this box an A+

If all of the boxes were this good I would wholeheartedly recommend Mystery Tackle Box, unfortunately I don't believe they were.  If my opinion changes after fishing the baits I have received you can bet I will revisit my opinion in another blog.  Until then, good night and good fishing!  

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