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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Tackle Warehouse Opener 2017

Goal Achieved: #7 Under Technique And Tackle
I never got around to official opening the Tackle Warehouse last year.  I don't store much of my tackle in it anymore.  It's mostly full of old junk and extra plastics.  Sometimes I use my little man cave to work on securing my jig and spinnerbait skirts so they don't fall apart.

Today I was after some dogfish candy.
I haven't used a pork frog in several years.  I won both my first and second Minnesota Bowfin Club Grand Championships with pork frog.  I thought it's about high time I get back to using them to chase another title.

It was such a nice day today.  In addition to playing around in the tackle warehouse for most of the afternoon, I also got the Muse Gold/Daiwa Emblem combo spooled up with 10lb Fireline. I headed out to check the lakes around 6:40PM.  I fished quite a while at Bulldog but didn't get anything there.

I would say Bulldog is 1/8th open. A little more progress on Rock Lake.

There is an open spot on the sunken island
As for Platte/Sullivan ice hasn't pulled away from the Eastern side of the lake for the most part yet.  From the access, it looked like a different story on the NW side.
It looked like the SPRO was now totally open (no picture).  Channel Inn Bay was open.
View of the Small Island
I think Platte is about 1/8th open as well.
Looking to the SW GOMH 

Single C-130 Flying to Ft. Ripley.  Normally there is two of them
I really thought I might catch something at the GOMH tonight.  There was some baitfish activity and a muskrat scarred something out of the bulrushes that made a fast-moving V wake and no muskrat ever came up that I could tell.  I had a lively minnow on too.  I stayed until it was dark and I could no longer see the bobber.  I think the total lack of current moving under the bridge is why I didn't get anything tonight.  The anticipation of getting that first open water fish of the year and the warm weather made for a fun trip even if I did get skunked.

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