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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Platte Lake Ice Out Prediction for 2017

Thanks to the "On This Day" feature on Facebook I was reminded of my first ever long range ice out prediction for Platte Lake on this blog that I made in 2015.  I was off by quite a bit with my prediction in 2015 with the ice going off Platte Lake on April 3rd.  Keep in mind that the two previous years to 2015 had late ice out dates.  Last year I forgot to make an early prediction.

I believe the ice on Platte Lake will not make it April and am predicting it will go off the lake on the 29th.  That would make it the third earliest ice out date since I moved North in 2003.  The earliest was March 19th 2012 and last year it went off on March 23rd.

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