Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fish Hook Tournament Quick Report

It looks like I missed an opportunity to solidify myself in the Baxter Bass Snatcher Top 6 in end of the year AOY points. I hit my target weight with over 13lbs at 13lbs 7ozs, but the guys just crushed them and I may not even be in the top half of the field. I did however land in front of 1 of the guys close to me for the Top 6, so that was OK. The other guy I was close to for the Top 6 solidified himself in the Top 6 with a 2nd Place finish.

I had a 4-5 kicker or I really would have been hurting. The size from pre-fish just disappeared on me, my boater Chuck Steinbauer had a much better day and had a 15lb bag. Chuck pretty much kicked my butt after I put him down 2-0 in the morning. My first two fish were the only quality to go with the 4-5. We spent way to much time on docks which were pretty much a complete bust. It was reeds and weedlines.

19lbs won and there were 2 17lb bags.

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