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Saturday, February 10, 2007

WBT Amistad Results
And the winner is Juanita Robinson of Highlands Texas. She sacked the day and tournaments biggest bag at a respectable 26-00lbs to bring her three day weight to 56lbs-08ozs. Both weights set WBT records.
Bassmaster Story Here
Final Standings Here

Bass in Blogs:

As American Dream stories go, this one had me hook, line, and sinker.

Non-bassfishing-endemic blogger Steve Krause of Steve Krause: Blog has blogged about Takihiro Omori titled Bassmaster and the American Dream

Bass Fishing Hits the Big Screen ... Again blogged by Cinematical. Movie Blog has a related opinion: A Movie About Bass Fishing - Kill Me

Kentucky takes its bass fishing seriously blogged by PigIronMalt

Random Facts About Bass Fishing Don't believe everything you read on the internet or hear at the Waffle House. blogged by Nick Gray dot net.

Pro Bass Fisherman Explains Life To Son Through Complicated Bass-Fishing Metaphors from The Onion Sports.

And this could have come from The Onion Sports; Bass Fishing with Famous People from The Ebb and Flow Institute.

Thanks to a entry over at the Hellabass Bassin Blog I found out about this cool fishing web community called Angling Masters International. AMI is basically a My Space type online community specfic to fishermen and women. It is a neat idea and I signed up straightaway. I think the page layouts are much cleaner than the typical My Space page.

An individual's page is called a "Cabin." The Cabin holds some basic personal information, a blog, photo gallery, "Livewell" (place to record catches and accrue points to compare against others from your state and presumably all AMI members), and "Fishing Buddies" listing. Fishing related businesses can have a part of the action as a "Marina."

So to make a short story longer; I have now openned up another franchise in the Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire:

Introducing BP's Cabin

Hellabass Cabin Here

Cyberfish Cabin Here (Apparently Cyb found AMI, but he didn't say anything to me about it)

I have taken to adding some new Bass Fishing Blogs to the Blogroll-O-BassNblog. They are:

Rick Morris Blog - An Elite Series BASS Pro gave blogging a try, but it looks like he stopped.

Rotico’s Bass Fishing Blog- About Rotico: I’m a long-time freelance writer, specializing in fishing, conservation, environment, and travel. I’m a Senior Writer for ESPN/BASS Publications and a Contributing Editor for Stratos, an in-flight publication for private and corporate owners of planes. I’ve fished all over most of this country, as well as in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and South Africa. Also, I’ve fished with many of the best tournament anglers and guides. I’ve caught my share of big fish, including ten bass of 10 pounds or more. I’ve also been skunked more than a few times.

Bass Fishing Center Blog- I am not really sure what the deal is with this blog. It looks to be dormant as well.

Cyberville Bass Fishing- A blog about fishing for Sally and Larry.

Flyfishing, Bassfishing and all about fishing- This blog is crazy and I'm not sure what it's deal is.

Gone Fishing bass fishing tips locations- Looks like a respectable bass fishing blog that is current. This blog has been around for quite awhile. Where has it been that I couldn't find it?

Apparently Fishing Jones has a new site. I wonder if they got to big for Blogger?

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Pete said...

I wish I were too big for blogger. Actually, I bought my domain name and switched to a blogging service called eponym in order to just have, without the "blogspot." Plus I like the template a lot. But I'm keeping the blogspot version alive as a "retro archive" because, well, why not?