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Monday, February 12, 2007

Changes, who needs them?

Today I have discovered that the way that I import pictures into the blog is no longer available because the new updated Blogger (which I don't use anyway, at least not yet) is not compatible with the Hello BloggerBot.

So now I've got to try a new way of adding pictures. Here it goes:

And there it is! A huge bass from Lake Nacogdoches via FLW Catch of the Week

All well and good but what about multiple pictures?

Well I'll be a blogging bear in a river, it's easy to do. Thanks for bearing with me!

What is with FLW?
The 2007 FLW tour debut at Lake Travis, Texas starts in two days yet their website doesn't have any articles about it. Where are the pundit picks? Someone throw BP a bone cause that Fantasy Bass Fishing lock down deadline is looming in quickly.

Blog Note: Not only have I learned a new way to import pictures today, but I also, thanks to Hellabass, learned the secrect of getting links to open in a new window. You're never to young to learn especially when your computer IQ is as low as mine. Now all my links on right column will open a new window; It was quite the project to change that up, so I hope BP users enjoy. No more hitting the back button to get back here.


Fishboy said...

Wowza that's one big bass!

HellaBass said...

Wow, you have been busy, that is quite a chore to change all those links already.

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