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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Of interest:

I'm back from my first "official" tournament as a new Bass Pro. Although I did
not finish quite as high as I had hoped, (Motor troubles the day before the
tournament) I will tell you that my experience on Neely Henry is not one that I
will be soon to forget. I've never fished a "river system" before, so this whole
"current" thing
was a brand new dimension.

from Marcia Rubin's 2006 WOMEN'S BASSMASTER TOUR Diary

She has a website and My Space page with blog.

What have I stumbled into...
Answer: The world of My Space Bassfishing which appears to be rather extensive. So this is where bassfishermen and women have gone to be a part of the blogosphere. What a huge disappointment. IMHO MySpace is designed for 8-16year olds with high speed Internet connections. I just flat out don't like the way My Space pages are laid out especially since I'm on dial up. I consider sites like My Space or Xanga to be the gated communities of the blogosphere. Sure you can navigate them without being a member, but it's obvious that they are designed for community membership and not a wider world wide web appeal. I guess I am prejudiced in favor of blogs which are more free floating.

My Space is it's own world in the blogosphere and I'm a little unsure how or if I want to integrate it with my blog. I foresee a lot of time expanding blogrolls if I want to incorporate the My Space world into the B.P.B.F.E.. I suppose the best way to do it would be to (God forbid) start up a Bass Pundit My Space page and add it to the Franchise Empire and go from there. I'm gonna need some time to think about this.

BP Blog Note:
I have decided to get rid of the Guest Book because the thing wasn't working anymore. Thus visitors can only now make their presence known by leaving a comment. Thanks BP


HellaBass said...

Marcia site is really good and her forum is well done and she is very active there when she is not at Tournament like she is right now at Amistad.

I am little leary of the whole MySpace thing as well, I think they look bad as well, but have also considered adding a MySpace to my two blogs, home page and forum as welll.....

Rich's Bassin' Blog
Rich's Bassin' Forum
Bass Fishing Tackle Blog

HellaBass said...

I took the plunge, I created a MySpace page to extend my online Bass Fishing network....

HellaBass's MySpace

What do you think?