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Monday, February 19, 2007

Pro Site-ING
Aaron Hastings who just won the FLW Lake Travis.

Here's how the Posse faired at Lake Travis in the FLW Fishing Challenge

1 BPObro Todd Maas 855
2 Bass Pundit 1 Jeff Sutter-Maas 836
3 BP's Dad Chuck Maas 814
4 Minnesocold BP's Boys Dave Maas 785
5 Cyb'sBboys Mike Thompson 735
6 Bp's Mommy Sue Maas 676
7 Schmenzig Bassmen Steve Maas 620

BPObro was 39th best of all players
Bass Pundit 1 was 78th overall
Bp's Dad was 177th overall
Minnesocold BP's Boys are 376th overall
Cyb's are 882 Overall
Bp's Mommy is 1691 overall
Schmenzig is 2432 overall
I am unsure how many are playing FLW this year because only the top 500 scores are listed.

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