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Friday, February 23, 2007

BassMaster Classic Day 1

BassFan has it's intial recap up.

BassFan Big Stick John Murray on Day 1

Team Evinrude has the Day 1 story for Mike Wurm and Denny Brauer.

Just Call him Big Bass Boyd Boyd Duckett has weighed a 8lb2oz Toad and has just a scrape under 20 with a total weight of 19-14.

Well the Day 1 Results are in and Duckett is in the lead by almost 2lbs. The ten spot is at 14-9, the 25 (Cut) spot is at 12-2, and the 38 spot is just 2-1 from there; This all adds up to a pretty congested field going into Day 2. I feel like day 2 will make it or break it for the front runners. My guess is they are going to need to have 17lb plus bags at this point to make a run for it.

Alabama anglers aquitted themselves well on day 1 taking 3 of the top 5 slots and 4 of the top 10.

Some WBT Championship results are in and Pam Martin-Wells leads by 4-08 over Sheri Glasgow going into the final day.
Day 2 Story
Day 2 Standings

Weigh starts at 4:45CT: Real Time Leaderboard

Check out: the Classic Blog for the latest scuttlebutt.
Also Check Out: the unofficial "Top Five"

It's about time the major bass fishing organizations break out some new technology to cover the fishing competition. It's been a complaint of mine that the tournaments are not blogged. Now at least the Bassmaster Classic is being blogged as it should be. Hopefully FLW will take a clue and due something to expand their tournament coverage as well. I just hope BASS keeps this up for the Elite's.

Hellabass on The Classic Media Blitz.

Will Kermit Play? Kermit, of coarse, is the nickname for the Spro Bronzeye Frog that Dean Rojas throws. According to BassFan, Rojas plans to throw Kermit during the BassMaster's Classic this weekend. I think the frog bite is a bit iffy due to the water temps being in the low to mid 50's. It will be interesting to see what happens.

My first day of practice was unbelievable. It was rainy, warm, the fish were biting, and I had about 25 bites. A few were good ones, and one was about 4 pounds. I was pretty confident.

Then the big freeze happened and I hardly fished the second day.

On the third day, I went upriver and got only a couple of bites.

A week later, on the final practice day, it was warm again and I got quite a few bites. A lot of them were little ones – 1 1/4-pound fish. I also caught a couple of drum.

So right now, I've got a deep-water pattern where I can get 10 to 20 bites. It's a main-river, current-driven pattern for a good limit. I've also got a shallow pattern for later in the day. I'm really not sure of the size on that shallow pattern.

If I could catch 13 to 15 pounds the first day, I'd be highly pleased.

BassFan Big Stick John Murray on his Classic Practice

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