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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Classic Day Final

Well the 2007 Bassmasters Classic is in the books and the winner is Alambama native Boyd Duckett. He won on the strength of a 6-9 kicker that gave him a 6oz margin over Skeet Reese.

Congratulations Big Bass Boyd!

A little liveblogging of the Classic weigh in:
Note: I do NOT have live streaming of the weigh in and even if I did I'm on dial up so it would be all hacked up anyway. I can blog because of the real-time leaderboard.

So here are the unofficial Top 10 on the day
1. Kevin VanDam 45-6
2. Gary Klein 44-3
3. Terry McWilliams 43-9 45-3
4. Skeet Reese 43-5
5. Boyd Duckett 42-5
6. Dean Rojas 38-9 37-13
7. Todd Faircloth 37-7 35-11 (Not in Top 10)
8. Randy Howell 36-14 36-15
9. Kevin Wirth 36-6 41-4
10. Jason Quinn 36-3 38-1
10. Mike McClelland 36-3 37-5

Once again we will watch to see if it holds true to form.
Jason Quinn has 38-1. Mike McClelland has 37-5. Faircloth has 35-11. Kevin Wirth has 41-4. Randy Howell 36-15. Dean Rojas with 37-13.

Terry McWilliams knocks it out of the park 17-6 for 45-3!

The Super 6 are: Klein, Horton, Duckett, Scroggins, Reese, KVD!

LONG DELAY for the Super 6 hoopla!

Oops that Unofficial Top 10 wasn't the Final Unofficial Top 10.

Here it is:
1. Kevin VanDam 45-6 45-4
2. Skeet Reese 45-5 48-4
3.Gary Klein 44-3 44-5
4. Terry McWilliams 43-9 45-3
5. Boyd Duckett 42-5 48-10
6. Dean Rojas 38-9 37-13
7.Mike Wurm 38-1 37-9
8. Todd Faircloth 37-7 35-11(Not in Top 10)
8. Terry Scroggins 37-7 39-9
10. Randy Howell 37-6 36-15

Gary Klien comes up short.
Boyd Duckett knocks it out of the Park 17-13 for 48-10
Scroggins 39-9
Skeeter 15-14 for 48-4 just short.

Van Dam vs. Duckett and the winner is: BOYD DUCKETT! breaks the home state jinx!

KVD comes in 3rd with
Snowed In Last night we got about 14 inches of blowing and drifting snow. Major drifts in the drive way; Big enough to make Lilah disappear entirely.

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