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Monday, February 26, 2007

Bassmaster Classic Fantasy Bass Recap

Team Bass Pundit 1 gave a respectable performance amassing 636 Points which is in the 96t% and in place 448 overall. 3rd Place in MN Fantasy Bass League.

The Bass Pundit 1 line up:
Boyd Duckett-1st
Mike McClelland-12
Tim Horton-16
Russ Lane-24

The Minnesocold BP Boys didn't fair nearly as well.
Line Up:
Steve Kennedy-8th
Russ Lane-24th
Aaron Martins-25th
Jeff Reynolds- 27th
John Crews-35th

This was only good enough for the 20%, 8989th place overall and 28th place in the MN Fantasy Bass League. The BP Boys have some ground to make up.

In Super 6 Pick em both teams scored 16 points missing KVD's spot by one short and one long. This put the teams in the 53%, 2845 overall and tied for 8th in the Minnesota Elite Venue League.

Next Fantasy opportunity is the Lake Amistad Battle on the Border lock down 03/08/07 08:59:59 AM PST. Good Luck!

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