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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sean Hoernke blogs about Lake Travis and fishing in a 200 boat field.

Liveblogging today's Day 3 FLW Weigh in (Starts 4PM CT)

Today was obviously the toughest of the tournament so far with only 4 of the top 10 pro's bringing in limits. Aaron Hastings will take a 2-4 lead into day 4.

Dave Lefebre -- Union City, Pa sacks a limit but only for 6-8. Which pretty much leaves the door wide open for most of the anglers for Day 4. One kicker fish is about all the distance between 1 and 10.

Will Lefebre knock it out of the park or will it be a nip and tuck day 4?

Clark "Clean Shoes" Wendlandt -- Leander, Tx the home town hero does get a limit for 7-12.

Jerry Green -- Del Rio, Tx with only 2 for 3-8. He caught 13-2 and 11-1 on the previous days. Ouch!

Craig Dowling -- Madison, Al with 4 for 5-8. Wow today is looking tougher and tougher.

Ron Shuffield -- Bismarck, Ar with 2bass for 5-5.

Ott Defoe -- Knoxville, Tn with 4 fish for 4-12. Looks like it was a tough day. Note in an amazing twist on Thur. and Fri. Ott and Robertson caught exactly the same weight both days. Amazing!

Darrel Robertson -- Jay, Ok fumbles with only 1 fish for 1-7

Bryan Thrift -- Shelby, Nc bags 7-6 with a 5 bass limit. His two previous days were 10lb bags.

Aaron Hastings -- Middletown, Md bags 9-15, that's a little better.

Tracy Adams -- Wilkesboro, Nc weighs 1 fish for a scant 1-6. I don't think that is gonna get the job done.

And we are under way first up is a Co-Angler. I will not be liveblogging for them. I only am going by the results screen as that I can't get the live video feed to work. It looks like they are weighing all the Co-Anglers first.

Lake Travis Co-Angler Champion is Frank Divis SR with 8-11

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