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Thursday, February 08, 2007

One of the unique things about Bass Pundit blog is that it has the most comprehensive listing of Professional Bass Fishermen and women websites on all of the internet.

Here are the new one's I've added to the Bass Pro Site-ING blogroll for 2007.

Alton Jones
Charlie Youngers
Chris McCall
Dearal Rodgers
Gary Howell
Robert Karbas
Kim Striker
Mike Wurm
Preston Clark
Zack Thompson
Tim Carroll
Jason "Hardware" Quinn My Space Page
Denese Freeman My Space Page
"IKE" My Space Page
"Ish" My Space Page
Kurt Dove My Space Page
Sondra Rankin My Space Page

I'm counting ebassfish as a BassN blog even though it is more of a full-website than blog. It's a great site to learn about the ladies.

Update: I have decided that this site ebassfish is the of the Women's Professional Bass Fishing world therefore I will reposition it under Pro Bass Info as I will also do with the two other women's site's that I have under BassNblogs, but really aren't.

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