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Monday, June 17, 2013

Jody White Is Now Officially A Minnesocold Bassin' Blogger

If your not familiar with Jody of Jody White Fishing, he's been blogging since 2009.  He was a Collegiate Angler at Virginia Tech and is originally from Vermont.  He also co-hosted Jody and Jesse's Bass Fishing Podcast, which now looks to be over with.

Yesterday he got his first taste of Minnesocold bassin' out at Mille Lacs from his kayak.  He even got himself a Derby Fish, maybe more than one.

I don't know if the job he got out here is permanent or a short term thing.  It would be something if a bass fishing blogger moved to Minnesocold on a permanent basis instead of moving away ala Josh Douglas Fishing and Fishing Hype.  Time will tell.

Enjoy your stay here no matter how long or short.  Maybe even we could get out some time. My boat is slightly bigger than a kayak


Jody White said...

It's permanent for the foreseeable future. I took a full-time job with FLW.

Basspastor said...


Please lobby to bring a BFL to this state. It's ridiculous that they only fish the river.

Basspastor said...

Oh and congratulations on the job?

Jody White said...

Thanks! Doubt it is my place to lobby for anything right now. ;)