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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Range Bassmasters At Platte/Sullivan Today

Well my camera went on the Fritz today, so my photo's suck.

Here is the Big Bass and Tournament Winner Ron.
She went 4/11 and was caught under a tree on Platte Lake on a jig I think.  He must be a new guy in the club, as that they don't have his full name on their website yet.  His winning bag went 15/1.

Second Place went to Emmet Smith at 14lbs and 3rd Place went to Emmet's partner Marty, who also must be new to the club this year as his full name doesn't appear on the website either; His bag was 12/14.  It sounded like all the winners fish came from Platte Lake.

I think there was just one other fish over 4lbs.  They had 8 boats fishing

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