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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tonight on Platte

Tonight I fished Platte Lake from 5:30PM to 9:30PM.  I started out across from the access in the vicinity of the   maidencaine. I didn't get anything until I got up closer to shore in the Reeds.. I got two 14 inchers on consecutive casts.  I got a 15 on the Grass Pig.  It was the only one I got on the Grass Pig.  The rice is up enough to foul the Grass Pig so I didn't throw it much.  I got into the rushes up by shore and caught some on the Horny Toad and a yellow Spro Bronze Eye Frog.  I fished near a tree that was fallen into the lake and I got a pike.
 I went around the point to check a little river inlet, but a pontoon was sitting on it, so I headed up to the NW Corner. I managed to pooch my first half a dozen bites or more on the Horny Toad before landing this 16", which was my big fish of the night.
I then managed to miss a couple of more good bites.  Of coarse I caught a 12 incher that smacked the Toad.

I moved to the North Point and got 14.5 on the Toad and a couple on the Spro.  I made one last move to the more East North Point and got a 15 on the Toad and a 14" on the Spro.  Over all I missed a lot of bites.

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