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Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Opener Comes to a Close

Here is how last night and this morning went.   I arrived at Eddy's at 11:30PM and nobody was there fishing, so I took the North Jetty at the harbor mouth.  Right away I had a hit that didn't hook up on an X-Rap.  I cast for about an hour with nothing more.  At 1:35AM I got this eye on a leech.

My next bite was a rock bass at 2AM
At 3AM the moon was up and I decided to throw raps again and on my second cast I landed this fish on a firetiger Husky Jerk.  I thought maybe it was going to be awwwwn, but that was it.
At 4:40AM as the sun was starting to light the sky pretty good the bobber went down.  I had a mishap on the hookset, but it held while I got my line unhooked from the dock and so I landed this leech fish.
That was it for the action. I left at a little after 5AM

I hit the GOMH at 6:30AM I got two toothy bullheads missing at least 3 others and I got 2 jumpin bullheads.  I was done at 8AM
Overall I'm satisfied with how Opener went.  I think the fish bit well, there just weren't a ton of them roaming around after the first night

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