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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

"Strolling" And Some Elites Aren't Happy (Long Lining)

Photo: B.A.S.S./Gary Tramontina

Apparently Jeremy Starks the top finisher at Douglas Lake last weekend used a technique where he would make a cast, run out all of his line with the big motor then start the retrieve.  It's an old technique known as long lining or strolling, which allows one to get a crankbait down 30 plus feet.  Apparently some of the guys such as Mark Davis and Kevin Short aren't happy about it and think it should be banned.  Some of the guys mistakenly  thought it was against the rules.

I think it should be allowed, but they shouldn't be able to move with the big motor

Honestly I am not sure why trolling isn't allowed, other than tradition.  I don't see why it shouldn't be allowed.

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