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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Evening on Erskine

I was going to fish Rock Lake but the Access was packed so I went to Erskine. I fished from 5PM-9PM.  Conditions were windy out of the SE, diminishing and starting to blow as I got off the water.  I basically fished across the North End of the lake from NW to East.  First hit was a pike that didn't hook up.  Next I got a almost 14" bass on the Pure Poison & Craw Fatty.  I got 5 bass on a white Grass Pig and the Pike.  I missed a quality 10lb class pike when it hit the Grass Pig coming towards me.  I didn't get a good hookset.  I caught one on a Fluke at the only dock I fished.  As it calmed down I went back to the NW corner and got 5 on a Horny Toad including my biggest at 16.75".  I didn't take bass pictures early because of the wind, then I forgot about it.  I missed a bunch of hits, mostly small fish, on the Horny Toad but I think I missed one big one.  Not sure what kind of fish it was.  It looked like I was going to get stormed on, so I left about 15 minutes before I should have.

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