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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Actually Fished Yesterday

I went to the Dr. and was prescribed the anti-inflammatory Prednisone.  It seems to be helping already.  I am to give it a couple of weeks.  After the Dr. appointment, I went to the GOMH and I was able to see dozens of jumpin bullheads on the North side of the bridge.  The water is clearing and with the normal water level you could see them just stacked up.  Only saw a couple of big ones.  I might have seen a dogfish on the SW side.  I didn't fish.

Later on in the evening after the Prednisone kicked in I decided to go fishing.  I arrived and Grumpy Old Man Willard was there.  He hadn't been there since the last time I saw him about a month ago.  He hasn't done any fishing this year.  The old guys where there again tonight getting a few orange bullheads.  Some people were fishing on the Northside.  I fished for a little while on the SW side, but there was a lot of weed debris in the water.  Willard had left to see Duck Dynasty   If fished for about half an hour then left.

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