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Monday, May 28, 2012

Crushed 'em On Rock To Close Out Bass Opener

Tonight I headed out after 6:00PM and was fishing by 6:45PM.  Conditions were brutal with the wind blowing out of the SW about 20 to 30.  However once I got to the Beaver Dam in the Rock Platte River Outlet it was on.  I got this first fish on a white Havoc Grass Pig.
I put down the anchor and proceeded to beat the snot out of them on the Grass Pig (8 fish), a black/white swirl Zoom Horny Toad (11 fish), and a green pumpkin Crawtube (15 fish).  My biggest was this 18.25"
Got her on the Crawtube.  You can see the beat up tail, she was spawned out as was this 17" that hit the Crawtube.
I filled my Bass Pundit Minnesocold Bass Bloggers Derby limit with this 17, a 17.25", 2x 17.50's, and the 18.25".  All in all it was a pretty sweet trip and a great end to the Bass Opener Weekend.

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