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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Fish From Last Night



I headed to Rock Lake just after 5PM to try my hand at a dogfish.  I started by the inlet from Bulldog Lake and I missed a bite in the reeds that was probably a pike, but you never know.  I then went to the North end and got a pike.  Then I headed to the RPRO.  I got a bass and pike and then it slicked off so I tried for sunfish for a bit;  They were fairly scattered and I quit trying for them after getting 3.  Then I got a couple pike on the Grass Pig.  I decided to throw a topwater and got a big sunfish as well as some bass and a northern.  No sign of any dogfish, but I thought one of the bass might be one the way it came up to and nipped at the bait.  I was off a little after 8:30PM.
Next I headed to the GOMH and got 2 smallish silver bullheads. I stopped fishing at 11:15PM

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