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Saturday, May 12, 2012

2012 Fishing Opener Mille Lacs and GOMH

The fish were snapping at Midnight on the Eddy's Jetty.  I had to take the center jetty because the North side was totally taken.  I started with a leech because it was calm, but after the guys on the North Jetty had 4 eyes in on raps I switched to a Husky Jerk purple perch.  I noticed  they were throwing a light colored bait, so I switched to a clown.  I also noticed they were pretty much straight reeling.  When I started doing that I got my first fish.
16" keeper
About 15 minutes later I got another one.
I netted it and when I laid it down a hook caught on my bag.  When I went to grab my pliers my scissors came out of my bag fell down in the rocks and into the lake.  Amazingly enough it fell to a spot where I could reach it.

I missed a hit then I went half and hour without a bite so I switched to a clown X-Rap and I quickly landed 2 fish on that.

 I ended up going to the South Jetty at 2am.  I had one hit but missed it.  I did try a leech without any luck.  The guys on the North Jetty got a few on leeches.  It was not happening so I left at 3:30AM.  4 eyes, not a bad start this year.

I headed to the GOMH at 4:35AM my first fish was a jumpin bullhead on a Strike King Pure Poison with Havoc Craw Fatty trailer.
Eventually I got a toothy bullhead on the Havoc Grass Pig.
I had one bite me off and had a least 4 more bites from toothy's that I missed.  I gave up at 8:15AM

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