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Sunday, January 30, 2011

There Is An App For That!

There are a lot of fishing log smart phone apps. I was thinking tonight that if done well a fishing log app could be a convenient way to compile fishing catching data I would be interested in tracking. One problem I don't own a smart phone and don't foresee me buying one. It is just not something I see the utility, justifying the expense for me personally. So for the foreseeable future if and when I log catch information, which I plan on doing more of next year, I will be doing it with a scrap of paper and a pen. The biggest problems with that system is that I forget the paper or pen or the paper gets wet.

What info do I want to keep? Fish numbers caught, size, and lure data, basically the details that are easy to forget/misremember.

I plan to track this stuff this year at Bass Pundit's Fishing Log Blog, of coarse.
And also with Fish Swami, which is an online fishing log that will compile statistics.

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