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Thursday, January 27, 2011

100 Bass In A Day?

In the message board a thread was started with this question
100 Bass In A Day?:
Hey everyone I'm new to the forum. So a friend and I have been having an on going argument about whether it is possible to catch 100 bass in a day.(This was brought up over a few drinks each time we have the argument.) He says there is no way that its possible. And i disagree I think it is very possible to do. I know it all depends on the lake and many other things come into play out fishing. So my question to all of you is...have you or do you think its possible? Him and i haven't been fishing for bass as long as some of the people on here so i wanted to get a few opinions on this topic.

The poster doesn't make clear if he is talking about an individual or multiple fishermen and whether or not places outside of MN are included. I assume he meant individually because I don't think 100 bass in day for pair of anglers is that big of deal on lake or river with good numbers of fish. Individually reaching the century mark is much more difficult, but I not only think it's possible, I know it's possible because I have done it at least once with largemouth bass. I passed 100 bass in a day fishing from a float tube@ Sylvia/Twin. It wasn't a total dink fest either, most of the fish were over a pound and a fair share of them were 2lbs or more. The fishing that day was ridiculous, it only took me 3 or 4 hours and being in a float tube I obviously wasn't covering a whole lot of water. I was just on a massive school of fish; I would reel one in and sometimes 10 or more fish would come along following behind. It was a total blast. I don't remember for sure, but I was using either a Bionic Minnow or a beetle spin with with a twister tail grub.

You definitely have to have the right lake at the right time for it to be possible.


Clif said...

There is a new lake down here where 100/day is easy. They stocked it a couple years ago with fingerlings. A year later they opened to fishing and put a 18" (i think) limit on it. Last summer those fish were in the 14-16" range and everyone who went just slayed em.

This year some those fish are going to start passing the length limit, so I think this is the year the numbers start to fall.

Wolfy said...

100 bass per person on a great lake, at the perfect time of the year, is do-able. I've done it a few times in Alabama in early April. Sadly, none of those places are nearby.

WalleyeGuy said...

Most definitely possible. Not terribly common, but definitely possible.

carbon copy pro said...

What are you talking about?.. 100? In one day?.. Nah. At least not ib here, you would need to catch the whole lake.

Basspastor said...

Where is "here" Carbon Copy Pro?

aarope1 said...

This is really funny because myself and a friend just had this same argument. We ended up making a bet on it. It is totally possible on the right lake at the right time of the year. I live in MN in the Twin Cities. It is not likely to happen anywhere in the metro area. I go to NW MN on opening weekend for bass and I am very confident I can do it in one day if not before lunch. The fish are concentrated and don't get pressured. They bite almost every cast.