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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday May 23, No work done on the boat today. Not Good.

Hellabass Tournament #2...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Update

BASS-Pts High Rock, Overall place, MN Fantasy Bass League, Overall movement
BP1: 270,341,1 -120 places

BPboys: 223,2934,10,-705 places

FLW (the Posse)-Beaver Score,Beaver Place, Overall Place
Schmenzig 787,346,633
BP 1 698,1130,463
BP Dad 689,1221,1022
BPboys 661,1524,545
Bp Mommy 644,1707,564
BPObro 633,1805,296
Cyb's 606,2076,1142


Jon said...

Pun-dit, Pun-dit, Pun-dit! You can do it, man! I'm rootin' for you! :-)

What all is wrong by the way, maybe I missed that post... If so, my bad.

Basspastor said...

The boat transom is being reinforced.