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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Different Night Same Story: I hit Eddy's Jetti last night about 10PM armed with my trusty 6'6" Fig Rig rod and Glass Purple Perch Husky Jerk. I landed a 16 incher on my very first cast. The action was quite hot for the next hour with me landing a fish about every 5-10 minutes in between trips back to the car. A couple of guys from St. Cloud moved in on where I was fishing on the N side of the Jetti but it didn't matter as I kept right on catching fish. I ended up giving these guys 3 fish putting them 1 short of their limit.
Around midnight my back started getting sore and I headed to the truck and took about an hours rest. At this point I had landed 8, missed one, and had a couple of hits that never hooked up. All fish were 15-19+ with a 19 and 3/4 being the biggest. As I sat in the car I watched some bobber fisherman catch 1 small eye and one nice one. I heard somebody say that a guy caught a 28.5" off the Jetti, but I didn't see that fish.
Round about 1AM I resumed shore casting and landed my 9th fish. The action stopped after that and my back got sore quick. Eventually I switched to a lighted bobber and minnow. I whiffed on my first 2 bites and then pulled in a cigar. At 3AM I called it quits.

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