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Friday, May 11, 2007

Opener Eve

I have decided it's going to be Midnight at Mille Lacs. I will open the 2007 season from shore on the Eddy's Jetti. A East wind has been blowing the western shore line all day long, so the fish should be in shallow. Hopefully shallow enough and near those rocks.

Opener Eve at the GOMH...

Of interest at Fishing with your limit

Naturally being the liberal with Fish and Game laws that I am, I think it is OK to keep fishing after you have a limit of fish. There is no way that having a fish in hand for immediate release should constitute "possession." The wording of the law in no way specifically says that fishing with a limit is a no no. Fish sorting with a limit is specifically banned and therefore a no no.

From that thread Suzuki says:
Speaking of targeting out of season fish. The occasional accidental catch is fine but if you are reasonably sure your going to continue catching an out of season species while you supposedly pursue another then you are breaking the law. Unethical too. You know who you are.

If you know anything about the BP, you should know that I totally disagree with this ultra strict interpretation of the closed season law. I believe that as long as you are intenionally targeting an in season fish, that you are being legal and ethical no matter how many out of season fish you may be lucky enough to catch. Yes Suzuki I know who I am and I know I am right and you are wrong.

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