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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fishing Report 5/2/07...

The Duffman Challenge:
Hey BP....
Let's have little contest this year. I'll send ya a pic of my biggest bass that I catch each week. You can post it on your blogs up against your fish of the week. Let's go with length. And I guess....the honor system LOL

Background: The Duffman is an old online nemisis of mine from and We annually debated the bass closed season question and bed fishing which he calls "bed raping." As noted earlier this month on Bass Pundit blog, the Duffman took a shot at me in this thread. I don't know how often Duffman stops by the Bass Pundit blog, apparently he must occasionally.

So Duffman if you can remember your challenge come bass season then email pics to and it will be AWWWWWWWN provided I have the energy and will to blog this summer. The Challenge will run Saturday through Friday all summer long. If you have a pic that is great, but if not just email me the length, I don't think pics are essential.


Anonymous said...

It's on then. If I can get a pic of the fish, I'll send it. If not I'll just send the length. Let's include smallies also, not that I catch many during the year, but if I do, it might be the biggest bass of the week. I'm sure there will be weeks when one or neither of us can get out fishing, so it's possible I'll send in a few skunks. Good luck BP. Overall winner gets.....well they get jack squat. LOL

Anonymous said...

Any word on the boat situation? I seriously want to fish a bit this year.


Cyberfish said...

I want to play too! After the season opens of course! ;-)