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Friday, May 18, 2007

Day 2 Beaver/High Rock

Didn't fish tonight, worked on the boat instead. Hopefully the Trophy will be squared away by early next week. But will the motor run?

Pro Bass Fishing Notes:
High Rock Highlights-

BassZone on the Water Blog...

Basszone Story...

BassFan Story...

The FLW Beaver Lake-

BassFan Story...

FLW Story...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
BASS High Rock-
Day 2 only made a bad situation worse. Ducket pitched a -10 for the skunk penalty. Remitz dropped hard and my best angler in a 51 boat field was KVD in 14th place. Skunked for Super 6 Pick'em

Beaver FLW Fishing Challenge-More mediocrity on the FLW side of things. Sure day 2 was an overall improvement in scores but it's all petty points pretty much.

1 Schmenzig Bassmen 787
2 Bass Pundit 1 697
3 BP's Dad 689
4 Minnesocold BP's Boys 661
5 Bp's Mommy 644
6 BPObro 633
7 Cyb'sBboys 606

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