Saturday, December 26, 2020

2020 Lure of the Year: Snagproof Bobby's Perfect Frog

5.20lber 9/5/20 on the Sparrow

It was a record-setting year with the most fish caught ever on a lure in one year. 510 fish caught on one lure blows my previous record out of the water, which was 324 fish caught on a Glow Demon back when I could catch fish through the ice in 2017.  All, but 19 were caught on the "Sparrow" color. I kept throwing it and the fish kept biting it. Bobby's Perfect was also my top fish catcher two years ago in 2018. This makes three years in a row with a hollow body frog in the lead position. Last year the Tru-Tungsten Mad Maxx had the lead position with 311 fish caught. And just like last year, my biggest bass of the year was also caught on my number one lure. In addition to catching a record number of fish, I am sure I set a record for the number of lures bit off in a year. I went through well over half of my sizeable collection of Bobby's Perfect Frogs this year.  Dang Pike!

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