Saturday, December 05, 2020

1st Ice Fishing Trip of 20/21, Skunked


Because I move like a turtle it took a while to get the Expedition cleaned out and get my gear together and ready to go. I stopped at Bear Trax to pick up some minnows and waxies and then I headed to Bulldog. I wasn't sure how thick the ice was where I wanted to go, so I just went out with the spud first.  I was able to strike through in two. Not ideal, but it's clear ice. Went back and got my stuff. Didn't even put the Aqua-Vu down it was getting so dark. Didn't mark anything and only fished for maybe 35-minutes. There were fish here last year. Think I just got out too late in the day. I may get out before the Vikings game tomorrow.

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