Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Top Fishing Memories of 2020

The highlight of fishing in 2020 was having a successful day on Platte/Sullivan with my old bass Spike and his best bud Smitty.

The rest are in no particular order.
Fishing with Kane and Todd.

Fishing with Todd. We fished a lot together this year and seemed to always have successful trips including the best day for bass fishing of the year.
Fishing with Jaimen especially the day the morning we whacked at the Intersection Juice.

Struggling to get Steve and Brett on some fish.

Breaking the Talula Frog Rod on a dink that had me hung in the pads at the Snatcher's Rush Lake Tournament. I let the adrenaline get the best of me and put way too much pressure on the rod. Thank God I was able to find two more on eBay this Fall.
Catching crappies on F Flat in the Spring before the motor issues began. It wouldn't have been 2020 without multiple trips to Marine Mechanics and days lost to motor issues.

And then there was getting kicked off of Eddy's Jetty by Security on Opener, which made me finally get over to Mac's Twin Bay where I caught a piggy. 
And this Fall fishing at the Jetty with Jamar and his family.


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