Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Ends the Way It Began with a Skunk


4:30-6:30PM 25'-27' Tullibee Hole
20℉, Cloudy, 3-8mph SE

I didn't have a banner final trip of 2020. Got started late. Didn't hit my spot because I didn't zoom in enough. Got the line that I just put on yesterday backlashed pretty good because I didn't lower the minnow down carefully.  Moved closer to the Tul Hole. Had some sniffers. Had a minnow get stolen and didn't notice. Got the line situation straightened out on the bobber rod. Had more sniffers. Pulling the Trap back was a pain, but not as bad as the other night. So 2020 ends as it began, with a skunk.

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