Tuesday, December 08, 2020

1st Fish of Ice 20/21


Saw Fish, Caught Fish

First Fish Ice 20/21

First Crappie 7"

May be 11" on the Bear Trax Demon/minnow

3:30-7:30PM My Spot, Sunfish Spot
31-34℉, Cloudy/Fog, 0-3mph SW

I drilled 3 lines of holes at my spot. Saw a few random Perch, so I headed to the Sunfish Spot. Drilled 6 or 7 holes. Spotted a sunfish in one of them, drilled some more holes. Didn't catch anything in the sunfish hole. Got several small perch in 10 feet fishing on foot. Got the first crappie in 7' hole on the VMC Fly. Missed another bite. Fish left so I went back to the 10' hole where the Fish Trap was. I got a small crappie, so I put a minnow down. Got 3 little guys on the minnow. Missed some bites a couple bites on the VMC Fly. Got the 11" in a 10' hole closer to shore. Had a couple lookers. Checked a bunch of holes on my way in at my spot. Nothing. Thankfully the roads weren't a total ice rink.

8 Perch
6 Crips

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