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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ice off Platte Lake By May 1st?

Even though it is snowing out outside right now as I write this on the 16th of April I say YES the ice will be off Platte Lake by May 1st.  Last year of coarse the May 8th ice off was the record since I moved up to this area in 2003.  The previous record was April 24th .  There is no way we make that date this year.  It's going to stay cold until Saturday and then the temps are supposed to get into the 60's pretty much every day next week.  I predict ice off will be the 28th or 29th, provided we don't get a blast of cold air again.  I expect to catch my first bullhead at the GOMH sometime later next week.

The word I've been hearing about Platte having a winter kill this year isn't good.  But I won't know for sure until the ice is off the lake.  

As far as things around the state some small lakes in the cities are open.

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