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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rock & Bulldog Ice Out, Platte Tomorrow???

This was the view of Rock when I arrived at 6:30PM. There was a boat on the lake and by the time I left the ice was pretty well done for.
Bulldog was my first stop and this is what it looked like.  No doubt it was ice free by 8:30PM
This is what it looked like at Jenny's access.  I wouldn't be able to get from there to the Public Access of Platte by boat tonight, especially because there was a wall of ice out front of the access.
I'm 90% sure the ice will be gone on Platte by this time tomorrow night.  Sullivan was open as far as I could tell.

I did get my first fish of the year tonight.

Tomorrow is supposed to be as or more windy than today, cooler, and it's gonna rain as well.  Don't know if I'll fish or not tomorrow, but will probably check on Platte Lake for sure.

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