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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Berkley/ Abu Garcia Fishing Major Award Arrived Today

Today was the day.  A good sized box, but not to heavy.  The Fed Ex guy said it was from Pure Fishing and I knew my "Major Award" from the Justin Lucas Rocket To The Top contest had arrived.
Inside it was this:

Revo Rocket
Powerbait Tackle Bag with 3 14"x8.5"x2"  tackle trays.
Berkley "Thunder" Sunglasses
300yds Trilene Braid 50lb
300yds Trilene Braid 65lb
200yds Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon XL
6" Powerbait Swim Shad in Swamp Gas color
4.5" Powerbait Rib Shad in Gizzard Shad color
3.5" Powerbait Fight'n Bug in Rusty Crayfish color
6" Havoc Boss Dog  in Green Pumpkin/Black

That Swim Shad is a monster of a bait,  I don't know if I have jig heads with a big enough hook.  The Rib Shad look like a good bait.  I'm a little unsure of the Fight'n Bug and Boss Dog; I'll have to research more about those.  I'm gonna put the 50lb braid on the Rocket.  Not sure what I'll do with the 65lb at this point.  I can always use another tackle bag, but I'm not sure what I'll use it for at this point.  It could become my panfish bag or Mille Lacs bag.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
I'm looking for people interested in fishing that could use a uniquely designed bait board. My friends have come up with a great idea and it is patent pending. They are even selling them in some local marinas, but are trying to get it noticed throughout the U.S.
Their Facebook page is and their website is