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Monday, April 21, 2014

Got My License, Got No Fish

I got up to Bear Traxx just before they closed at 5PM and got my 2014 Minnesocold Fishing License.  I didn't ask if they had minnows yet or not.  Then it was off to the Grumpy Old Man Hole.  The sun, it got up to 57°F today, and West wind really did a number on the GOMH and PRO area of Sullivan.
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View of Platte

View of Sullivan

Bobber In
 I believe the whole Platte River Outlet of Sullivan was open to the river mouth.  I tried a few different lures, but didn't have any success.  I left about 6:10PM and got home a few minutes before my parents arrived back from their month long vacation to Florida.

I headed back up to the GOMH at 8PM.  A number of times early early season like this I haven't gotten a bite until right before dark.  It wasn't to be tonight.  I did have three loons swim up to check me out.
The loon in the distance joined the other two.  There were a couple of ducks swimming around too.  I don't know where all the waterfowl are this year, normally I'd be seeing at least 4 times as many birds as I have this year.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer with less wind.  I would say I have a 50% chance of getting my first fish of the year tomorrow.  Still no sign of dead fish.

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