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Thursday, April 24, 2014

#TBT My 1st Tournament Out of the Trophy???

It's amazing how doing Throwback Thursday's can jog one's memories.  I had been trying to remember for the longest time, exactly when I first came into possession of my boat, formerly Cyberfish's boat, the Trophy.  I know from doing #TBT 's that I had it for the Spring of 2005 when this picture was taken.  However, I couldn't remember if I had it at all in 2004. But then I was tracking down my various #TBT for Facebook today when I came across the memory of fishing the Excel Bass Tournament on July 17th of 2004 on the Whitefish Chain and I'm now absolutely positive I fished that tournament out of the Trophy.  Was it the first tournament I fished out of the Trophy?  I'm not 100% positive on that, as I might have fished a Team Bass tournament out of it on the 10th July and I think there was a Fishers of Men Club Tournament in that area as well..  But I do remember fishing the Excel Tournament out of the Trophy, I am certain of it.  Interestingly, I didn't fish out of the Trophy for a very memorable tournament on Koronis Lake on July 31st with Team Bass where my 6 fish limit weighed 20.44lbs.  I know for a fact that I fished that out of MT's old tin boat, the same one I fished the first two Excel Bass Tournament's out of that year.  No wonder why I had such a hard time remembering when I got to use the Trophy.  I didn't have it all the time depending on the needs of GEM Camps. I wish I would have started the blog earlier in 2004.


Bass Boat HQ said...

Ahh yes, awesome TBT post BP! Great looking bass boat, and are you still running it?

Basspastor said...

Yep, I still have it. Haven't used it much the last couple of years. Back issues two years ago and the bank fishing for me last year was just to good and when that slowed down I had car troubles.