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Thursday, March 15, 2007

NCAA March Madness: I used to really get into the "Big Dance" when I was in college and for a few years afterward. I hardly pay attention anymore. Basketball as a sport has lost my interest. The only sports I seem to care about are Pro Fishing and Pro Football.

The Bass Poacher and Cheater... An Annonymous commenter has called me onto the carpet at my Blog, Bass Pundit Preach. My guess, annonymous can't beat me in open debate and lost to me the majority of the time in bass tournaments and probably Fantasy Bass Fishing too. Can you say "sour grapes."

Thank You and Hello to all my new friends at My Space and Angling Masters.

There is an FLW Series West Tournament going on at the Cali Delta, coverage at FLW Outdoors. They are bringing in some huge sacks, but not quite as big as BASS Elite Amistad (at least not yet anyways.)

Amistad Day 2 & 3 as a Co-Angler by Hellabass

Found: The Bass Hog Blog.

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