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Friday, March 30, 2007

BassZone on the water blog Clear Lake Day 2...

Holy Cow Ike bags 26lbs and it isn't even good enough to get him in the cut. Ouch!
Elite Clear Lake Standings...

WBT Dardanelle standings...

BassFan Ft. Loudoun–Tellico FLW Tour...

Fantasy Bass Fishing Notes:
Amazingly enough day 2 was good to me in FLW and BASS. In FLW the posse improved a total of 130 places overall. 12 of 18 were gainers; Major gainers in Fukae +73, Strader +39, Wendlandt +34, Powers +31. Managed to get 4 FLW anglers in the cut. None of the posse line ups are stellar, but I think they all come in pretty reasonable.

In BASS it was a very good day, mostly because Steve Kennedy caught 29lbs and went from 51st to 12th. Right now BP 1 has a line up that is all within the top 12 cut. BP boys are headed by tournament leader Gutierrez, who again today sacked the big bag bonus. BP boys have 4 anglers currently in the top 12 cut; A-Mart dropped but that was more than made up by Kennedy.

In Super 6 pickem I used the same line ups:
Skeet, Ish, Lintner, KVD, A-Mart, and Roumbanis. It looks like all but A-Mart have a shot at yielding points.

I however can't get to far ahead of myself with the Bass picks, because there still can be a lot of movement with 50 anglers vying for 12 spots in such a slugfest. All my anglers in the top 12 could be out of it tommorrow.

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